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hi, i'm new

hi, i'm new i supose i'll say some stuff about me,
i'm on my intermediate moves, and preliminary freestyle... my highest jump is my double loop... umm... not really much else to say i compete regularly and i suppose i'm looking for advice and a place to talk bout my passion :) well
good luck to you all
and let me know how you all are doing
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July 19 2005, 22:03:49 UTC 11 years ago

hi :) are you going to the depere competition? just wondering.
yeah... umm... who are you? not to sound dumb but...yes i am.... i'm afaid you know me (taht i know you too) what rink do you skate at?


July 19 2005, 22:06:30 UTC 11 years ago

Hey I was just looking at random figure skating journals :)
You seem super good :) I can't do double loops. At all.
I am on intermediate move too :) and I am on Pre Juv free style and silver dance

Well My next compeition is skate lavoyager... I am pretty nervous...

thats awesome :)and thanx
Hey I was just looking at random figure skating journals and found yours :)
You seem really good. I wish I could do a double loop.
I am on Pre Juv fs, Intermediate moves (like you) :) and silver dance

I compete too. My next competition is skate le voyageur I am excited but really nervous...
hey, where are you from( ithink i replied twice sry)what rink do you skate@?