mega_sk8er_grl (mega_sk8er_grl) wrote in bunny_hop,

hey everyone :) I'm new at this community, so i guess i will just tell a little bit about what i'm doing currently in skating.I am 14 and I am at Preliminary Freestyle ( i really need to move up ), Novice Moves in the Field, and Pre-Gold dances. I really need to move up in freestyle, but i need to land my axel but besides that i think im ready to move up. I just dont understand why i cant land it. I land it perfectly on the harness but once im off of it i cant do it... anyone have any suggestions? thanks :) *Megan
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i wish i could help....i was in a similar position a while ago....its purely a mental thing and what works for some doesnt for others...i was at it close to 2 years (yep...) and then one day, this thought flashed across my mind, today's the day, and i did it!
stick with it. you'll get it. :)