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erg really mad.

Hmm I went to a test session today...
I tested my Rocker and Tango..
It was my first time testing the tango and i failed. Not a suprise. I was not 2 mad about that. At least i passed my one....
But my fricken rocker this was my 4th time testing it, that is pathetic. I failed. I skated really good too. sdlfkasdf I thought i was going to pass but noo the judges are way to picky and they were picking on things that were not true.

I would hate to just give up. But i really think i am going to quit dance and work on more freestyle.

ahhh i am so depressed now....

I wonder if the judges are even watching. And the only good judge we have of course is that one that i don't have...ergggg

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